FitSlim 2022

One of the highlights on the Run/Walk For Life calendar is the annual FitSlim Challenge, which marks the end of winter each year. Held from 5 September to 29 October 2022, the FitSlim Challenge will again offer participants the opportunity to intensely pursue their weight-loss and fitness goals over the course of eight weeks. Organised by Run/Walk For Life and sister company eatForLife, the FitSlim Challenge is a novel event, with both weight loss and fitness at its core.

What you get on this challenge


8-week eatForLife membership: Weight management programme/diet – this will be a personal diet individually tailored for each member
o Weekly theme newsletters and fact sheets from eatForLife
o Live broadcast/talk shows by our Head Dietician where members can
ask questions and listen to various talks on Nutrition. o Weekly weight monitoring at Club


RWFL Exercise programme (an 8-week RWFL membership) o Medical Screening
o Shoe advice
o Fitness benchmarking and tracking
o Scientific exercise programme


o A chance to win National, or Group prizes

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