A fitness programme for all levels

Run/Walk For Life specialises in getting you started, even if your level of fitness is very low or non-existent. A major emphasis of the programme is on fitness and weight loss through personal goal setting. Through the programme, you set your own personal goals, in consultation with our highly trained coaches.

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Why everyone loves us

Over the past four decades, we have perfected a training regime that combines the science of fitness and the diversity of human lifestyles.

Go the distance

We have members who just wanted to get off the couch, and others who dreamt of completing their first marathon. Whatever your running, walking, fitness or health goals are, we have a tailored programme for you.  

Join for the fitness, stay for the family

Run/Walk For Life members exercise in supervised groups of similar ability, meaning that you will not find yourself being pushed too hard and battling to keep up with members who are fitter than you.

Scientifically based

Run/Walk For Life is South Africa’s leading fitness and weight-loss programme, and is the only exercise programme of its kind to be approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa.


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