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Run/Walk for life

South Africa's leading running/walking programme

Run/Walk For Life specialises in getting you started, even if your level of fitness is very low or non-existent. A major emphasis of the programme is on fitness and weight loss through personal goal setting. Through the programme, you set your own personal goals, in consultation with our highly trained staff. Skilled staff members create personal and customised training schedules to suit YOUR goals, which could be anything from weight loss to intensive training, or doing basic and gentle exercise with a group of other similar and friendly people. 

Founded by a medical doctor, Run/Walk for Life is South Africa’s leading fitness and weight loss programme, and is the only exercise programme of its kind to be approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa.

Everyone's welcome

Run/Walk for Life members exercise in supervised groups of similar ability, meaning that you will not find yourself being pushed too hard and battling to keep up with members who are fitter than you.

Scientifically based

Run/Walk for Life is South Africa’s leading fitness and weight loss programme, and is the only exercise programme of its kind to be approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa.


Members receive monthly progress reports and special rewards as they reach specific milestones on their fitness journey. They can also track their progress on the Run/Walk For Life app.


All exercise groups exercise along pre-marked routes, under the supervision of road leaders – member security is a cornerstone of the programme.

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Stories from our members

Run Walk For Life athletes took a picture
My life-changing journey with Run/Walk for Life Rand Park started on 29 April 2018. I have since gone from an overweight, demotivated person, to a motivated person in every area of my life – I lost 15kg, gained my self-worth and self-esteem back, and I am running my second 2 Oceans half marathon next year.
Debbie Vernon - Run/Walk For Life Rand Park
I have never enjoyed exercise – I am a couch potato. Eventually, at 55, overweight and unfit with aches and pains, I thought it best to start some form of exercise, and so, with much trepidation and insecurity, I joined Run/Walk For Life. Now on the road, I am able to do 5kms-plus, which for me is like doing the Comrades!
Daphne Parmenter - Run/Walk For Life Fourways
When I joined Run/Walk For Life 13 years ago my cholesterol was 7.4. It is now 4.6, without medication. My resting pulse was between 82 and 84 and is now between 62 and 64. My blood pressure is 110/70. Thank you Run/Walk for Life. I will hopefully continue to walk for many years to come.
Veronica Arnold - Run/Walk For Life Somerset West

Franchise opportunities

Own your own health and fitness business! We have a variety of franchise opportunities available.
The Run/Walk For Life franchise model offers: Minimal investment, positive cashflow within a few months of trading, and low fixed overheads minimal staffing. Run/Walk For Life is a business that can either be run on a full-time or part-time basis.

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The Run/Walk For Life family is global. You can enjoy all the benefits of the Run/Walk For Life programme in the USA by joining our American franchise, SWEATSTEP, 

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