About Run/Walk For Life

Run/Walk For Life specialises in getting you started, even if your level of fitness is very low or even non-existent. The scientific and computerised measurements recorded by each member after every session have shown that within as little as three to six weeks, you will be showing a definite increase in fitness levels and weight reduction, depending on your goals. You will also be less stressed and much more productive at work. Once you’ve joined, your fitness levels will be assessed, and you will be placed in a group according to your ability. The Run / Walk For Life programme is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, as well as for pregnant women.

 A major emphasis of the program is on fitness and weight loss through personal goal setting.

Run Walk For Life Running club being awarded
Run walk club members are celebrating

Track your goals

Through the programme, you set your own personal goals, in consultation with our highly trained staff. Skilled staff members create personal and customised training schedules to suit YOUR goals, which could be anything from weight loss, to intensive training, or doing basic and gentle exercise with a group of other similar and friendly people. Your progress towards these goals is then scientifically monitored under close supervision. Run/Walk for Life branches are managed by highly and scientifically trained franchisees, most of whom are ultra marathon athletes.

Run/Walk for Life members exercise in supervised groups of similar ability, meaning that you will not find yourself being pushed too hard and battling to keep up with members who are fitter than you – similarly, you will not spend your exercise sessions having to wait for members who are slower than you – you will exercise with a group of members who are of similar ability and fitness to yourself. Founded by a medical doctor, Run/Walk for Life is South Africa’s leading fitness and weight loss programme, and is the only exercise programme of its kind to be approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa. With very strong medical underpinnings, the medical benefits achieved by members on the programme are astounding. Look at the astounding successes recorded by Run/Walk For Life in a 12-month period:

  • 32 000 kilograms of weight lost
  • 900 members reduced their cholesterol levels
  • 829 members reduced their levels of insulin dependence
  • 600 members reduced their dependence on blood pressure medication

Do it, you owe it to yourself.

All members are screened for the risk of heart disease, and undergo free monthly blood pressure and body composition measuring. Members’ progress is monitored by monthly computerised reports, to ensure safe, productive exercise.

Run/Walk For Life has an athletics club of over 1900 members, ensuring that whatever your fitness level, your needs will be catered for.

Our friendly consultants are waiting for your call on 

0861 005566, to direct you to your nearest Run/Walk For Life branch. 

Run Walk For Life Running Programme