SKOON. sponsors great skincare prizes for FitSlim group winners

FitSlim 2021 puts health and fitness at the forefront, and this eight-week fitness and weight-loss challenge aims to motivate people across the country to put their physical wellbeing first in September 2021.

Combining fitness and weight loss to determine the winners, FitSlim 2021 will see thousands of participants compete both individually and in teams to vie for a host of wonderful prizes as they improve their overall wellbeing.

This year, Run/Walk For Life is excited to announce that the local skincare brand SKOON. will be a sponsor for the national FitSlim team winners.

Each member of the winning team (teams consist of four participants) will receive a SKOON. Elasticity Skin Smoothie to the value to R1395.95.

This firm complexion collagen booster contains more than 50 skin-loving ingredients in an easy-to-drink daily sachet. The smoothie contains the building blocks for new collagen, while also helping to produce quality collagen with MSM and vitamin C. The product also contains super-antioxidants, probiotics and detoxifying compounds that help to slow down skin ageing.

SKOON.’s range incorporates clinically proven ingredients, many of these sourced sustainably in Africa, drawing on millennia of local ancient plant knowledge.

All SKOON.’s products are non-toxic, sustainable, and have not been tested on animals. The female-owned company donates 1% of its gross sales to environmental non-profit organisations, and SKOON. also specifically supports The Baobab Foundation in Limpopo, which promotes and supports the conservation of baobab trees and the lives of the communities that live among them.

To learn more about SKOON.’s range of skincare products, visit

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