Walk a mile in On’s shoes: Entrepreneur and RWFL member Glynis Rudolph shares her story

Glynis Rudolph isn’t scared of facing challenges head on. Having worked in the advertising industry for 35 years, 2020’s COVID-19 lockdown was the melting-pot that gave rise to not only a new business, but also paved the road of Glynis’s venture into health and fitness.

Glynis (54) is a member of Run/Walk For Life’s Benoni branch, and joined in October last year, after deciding to put herself and her health first. 

“I’d just started my own business, and I was obviously just very focused on getting my business up and running, I’m a single mom of two, I have a son in varsity, and I never really had time for me, so, all of a sudden, Run/Walk For Life just put me in a whole different stratosphere. I’m meeting the most amazing people at our branch. The coaches are amazing, the people are super – I’m a bit of an addict at the moment,” Glynis says.

Previous difficulties with her ankles made Glynis aware that she had to invest in a good pair of shoes, and an On Testing Zone at a recent RWFL meeting gave her the opportunity to try On’s Cloud. After walking a few kilometres in the shoes, Glynis was impressed with how On’s Swiss-engineered technology really mimicked the feeling of walking on clouds.

“I must admit, after my short time walking with On, it just felt like I could carry on walking, it was an absolute beautiful experience.”

Glynis’s determination to better her health while starting a new business is a testament to how the trials our country and the world are facing can be turned into chances for growth and progress. With HerCollab, a social media platform focusing on women in business, Glynis hopes to also empower other female entrepreneurs in making their own ventures a success.

“It was born in lockdown, which was beautiful, right? You hear devastating stories, but ours was an opportunity, and it’s written in the stars – we’re going to do great things with it.”

Keep an eye on On South Africa and Run/Walk For Life’s Facebook pages to find out about an On Testing Zone near you.