Superior Swiss engineering: This is the tech driving On shoes

On is consistently hailed for the way the company incorporates technology and innovation in its footwear. For the thousands of amateur and professional runners that prefer On, the sensation of running on the clouds is central to their running experience – just how this sensation is engineered, is of less concern.

With that being said, you’d be surprised at the sheer ingenuity that creates the signature running sensation On has become known for. Here is what goes into every pair of On.

Design that supports the sole purpose of On

On’s design approach is driven by a philosophy based on four central principles:

  1. Focus on cushioning, not correction: Anyone that’s ever run in a pair of On will recognise the superior cushioning that is part and parcel of each pair. Intelligent CloudTec® cushioning is what creates this sensation of comfort.
  2. Freedom for your feet: Whichever way you run, On shoes don’t control your stride with a rigid sole. Instead, the On Speedboard® works in conjunction with cloud elements on the sole adapt to your foot strike.
  3. Harness balance and momentum: Driving forward momentum is one of the goals of every pair of On, and this is attained by the Speedboard® and CloudTec® elements. As On shoes are built with the sweet landing spot towards the mid-foot stance, every landing leads to an explosive take-off, aiding good running form.
  4. Running is a sport, not an illness: No matter at what stage you are as a runner, On shoes aim to help you reach top form. While many beginners (or even runners who’ve been at it for longer) struggle with things like flat feet, many of these issues can be corrected with regular exercise and the right footwear. After all, running is not meant to be an illness.

Every style of On shoes has been adapted for its purpose, but incorporates the same technology, albeit in different and unique ways. On’s characteristic Helion™ superfoam is lightweight, but big on energy return, supporting explosive take-offs and superior cushioning at the same time. The cloud elements on the sole of On shoes, together with the Speedboard® (which is adapted in every pair On, according to what kind of performance is expected from the shoe), further promote soft landings and rebounds that drive your further, faster.

Depending on the style of On you choose, the sole will also be uniquely adapted to the purpose of the shoe and the surface you’ll be running on. For example, On’s trail shoe, the Cloudventure, features On’s Missiongrip™, which uses varied traction patterns to ensure grip on slippery trails and steep inclines. On the other hand, the On Cloud – a shoe that has become the preferred everyday shoe for thousands across the world – features zero-gravity foam and advanced abrasion pads for superior grip, light weight and longevity.

Whichever pair of On your interested in, you can rest assured that these shoes will fulfil and exceed your expectations, all the while letting you experience the sensation of running on clouds while improving your performance and form every time you put them on.