Ride the running wave with the On Cloudsurfer

Suited as well to training as it is to racing, the On Cloudsurfer is a staple of this brand’s offering, and remains popular years after the initial design was first launched. Considered a neutral running shoe, the Cloudsurfer is lightweight and beautiful (it is available in Fountain Azure, Coral Navy and Glacier Black for women, and Glacier Black and Midnight Malibu for men), making it the aesthetic and technical choice for thousands of road and trail runners across the globe.

Comfort, whatever the distance

The Cloudsurfer is fitted with all the unique technology you’ve come to expect from On. Universally hailed for comfort, the Cloudsurfer features On’s signature CloudTec® elements and double layers of EVA foam on the bottom of the sole, which serve a dual purpose: while cushioning the feet on landings, the cloud elements, in conjunction with On’s patented Speedboard®, also help to explosively propel runners forward with every stride.

Protection against impact is what differentiates On from its competitors, and this has led to many marathon and half marathon athletes choosing the On Cloudsurfer as their preferred running shoe for longer events.

The Cloudsurfer needn’t be broken in and is race-ready as soon as you put the shoes on. The shoe’s stylish upper is constructed from breathable mesh that keeps the feet cool during runs, while plastic clips around the heel keep the feet securely in place and provide support.

Who is the Cloudsurfer for?

Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, and regardless of whether you prefer longer or shorter distances, the roads or the trails, the On Cloudsurfer is likely to be the most comfortable running and walking shoe you’ll have come across.

Now in its fourth iteration, the On Cloudsurfer has come a long way even if it has never compromised on the core goals set for the Cloudsurfer when it was first released. This is a training and racing shoe that has been built for speed and comfort.

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