Take these precautions when going out to run on lockdown level 4

Level 4 of the national lockdown to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus does come with its perks – not least the fact that we are allowed, finally to go out and run and walk in our neighbourhoods again.

As you likely know by now, we are only allowed to head out between 06:00 and 09:00 daily, but there are a few other precautions you should also take note of.

1. If you feel ill, don’t go out

Most runners know to not head out when they’re not feeling well, but this precaution rings especially true in the midst of a global pandemic. If you go for a run when you’re ill (with the flu or with the coronavirus) there’s always a chance of infecting others, which is why you should absolutely stay in when you’re feeling unwell. If you must do some kind of exercise, a quick walk around the garden is enough.

2. Stay away from crowds

If you do go out, try and avoid other runners and walkers as far as you can. Not only will you be protecting yourself, but you’ll also making sure that you don’t inadvertently get another fitness enthusiast sick. While on the road, ensure you maintain a distance of at least 2 metres between yourself and other runners or walkers. Because we tend to breathe a little heavier when we exert ourselves, it goes without saying that it’s far easier to pick something up from fellow runners when we don’t keep our distance.

3. Put on a mask

Sure, it isn’t the most comfortable thing to do, but especially if you live in an area that tends to get congested with other walkers and runners during the three-hour period when we’re allowed to exercise outside, you should absolutely wear a mask. You’ll have to adjust the way you breathe, but make sure to always listen to your body and adjust your stride accordingly.

Experts agree that keeping our bodies fit and healthy helps to ward off viruses and disease, and heading out for a brisk walk or run is also great for your mental health. However, these are strange and trying times that require an extra bit of caution – stay safe out there!