RWFL’s strengthening exercises will get you ready for the road after lockdown

It has been more than a month since South Africa’s lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus started. That means it has been more than a month since Run/Walk For Life members across the country have congregated in the spirit of wellbeing, health and community.

While we can’t wait until things resume some semblance of normalcy, not being able to go for RWFL sessions at your local branch doesn’t mean that you can’t still work on your overall fitness and strength. We’ve joined forces with biokineticist Justine Johnson and physiotherapist Kim Grossett to compile a series of strengthening workouts that you can do at home.

These workouts have been put together in order to improve the strength in the entire body, so you’ll be in even better shape when we all get together again. If you haven’t followed this series yet, here’s a guideline.

How to follow this programme: RWFL members who would like to follow this programme of strengthening exercises can watch and complete the videos below in the order they are listed.


In these videos, Kim, Chanté and Justine explain the rationale behind the programme, and give some important pointers.

1. Strengthening exercises for runners and walkers

In the first videos of the series, Justine and Chanté go through a series of simple strengthening exercises for the lower body. Please start with these exercises first.

2. Exercises for leg strength and stability

These exercises, which are meant to be done after completing the previous series, are focused on building leg strength and stability – something that is very important for runners and walkers alike.

3. Exercises for building glute strength

Strong glutes are key to preventing knee injuries when running, and also help with proper pelvic alignment and propulsion when running.


4. Exercises for building core strength

Core strength makes any activity just a little easier to complete, and working on building a strong core is something you’ll certainly notice once we’re back on the road.