Testimonial: Sophia Smit, 2019 RWFL Ambassador

The Run/Walk For Life Ambassador and sponsored athlete programme aims to inspire the thousands of RWFL members in the country with stories of success from both professional athletes and weekend warriors looking to improve their overall wellbeing.

We are excited to share a testimonial from one of our 2019 RWFL Ambassadors, Sophia Smit.

“Congratulations to the 2020 RWFL Ambassadors! I hope that my view and testimonial from my year as an ambassador in 2019 may be able to assist one of you during 2020.

“I remember completing my application with much hope and anticipation. Then, the shock and excitement when the manager of RWFL Florida contacted me to tell me that it was successful.

“Hearing the good news made me think that I will be so awesome – I will do more races, I will become faster and, and, and… Not that goals are not good – realistic goals are necessary. And, looking back at the goals I had set on my application, only one was not reached in 2019!

“At one stage I felt ‘what have I done?’ – seeing other ambassadors reaching amazing PBs and doing a pace that I thought could not match as a walker… but then I sat back and looked at my journey from starting with RWFL, and knew that my story, my goals, my achievements, are mine, and I was not in competition with anybody else but me. Hence, my post on Facebook in May:

“Then came another shocker for me: our company moved, and it made sense for us to move, too. But I knew that I would not be able to stay at #RWFLFlorida, as it was just too far out. My search began. I met with Elmarie from the Sharonlea branch when we did the Progressive Challenge in July 2019, and knew then that this would be my new branch!

“Little did I know when making this decision that I would have to start on the field again. On 20 July, mere weeks after the Progressive Challenge, I had a bad fall, hurting my knee and tearing the meniscus! Starting on the field again at a new branch nearly made me think that maybe, just maybe, I should stay at home and rest the knee… Grateful that I did not listen to myself, but rather to Elmarie Bienedell, manager of RWFL Sharonlea, who said, ‘come, walk around the field, take it slow, but just don’t stop!’

“Somehow I had seen it as a failure. However, the members were awesome, encouraging you to take it slowly, and they accepted me as a new member with lots of love!

“It took almost six months, but I am healed and walking again, doing races, and loving myself for not giving up!

“So, on your journey in 2020, let me encourage you: even if something bad happens to you, DO NOT GIVE UP. Listen to your body, talk to your manager!
“One of the tasks of the ambassador is to post on social media to tell others about the brand. That is easy if you have a passion for the brand! So, post and share with others – you will be surprised to see how many will thank you for being an inspiration to them. Meet up with other ambassadors, encourage each other, make new friends along the way. Meet the managers at the gazebo at races, and introduce yourself.

“Then, there is FitSlim. As ambassadors, we need to help advertise FitSlim 2020. It is a fun challenge, and you will be rewarded! Help RWFL with this by posting and encouraging others!

“Most of all, just be yourself! Have fun, and keep your balance.”

Sophia Smit