While many of us mistakenly see the holiday season as a time for indulgence, our waistlines and hips ‘shake’ at the thought! This needn’t be the case.

Here are a few practical tips on getting the most from these holidays while still enjoying the festivities:


  1. Pack ‘Padkos’! Try packing food for the trip the day before when you aren’t hungry as you’ll tend to pack healthier options opposed to getting hungry enroute and stopping for takeout or sweets.
  2. Make your own put-together trail mix. Raw, organic cashews and other nuts mixed with some dried fruits and FUTURELIFE® CRUNCH Smart food™- this will help you feel like you’re eating something of substance while you travel.
  3. Choose healthy foods, like a sandwich or fruit, and don’t include packets of sauces or salad dressings. The more of your own food you can bring while traveling, the healthier you’ll remain on your trips.
  4. Try to get a hotel room with a kitchenette or self-service. On your trip down you can stop off and stock up on local fresh fruits as well as healthy ingredients for your meals ahead.
  5. Scout and plan ahead via the internet to determine where there might be restaurants at your destination and plan ahead for the healthier options. Let your relatives know what type of foods you’re used to and help influence them into healthier options.
  6. Follow a meal plan- this can help guide you in terms of groceries to buy for your trip and helps ensure you don’t overindulge.


  1. Drinking water: If you’ve decided to go all ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ this holiday and you’re not sure about the safety of what you’re consuming, rather avoid tap water and stick to bottled drinks. Remember to also avoid the ice.
  2. Beware of Beer and Wine: Their alcohol content may differ from those in South Africa, and they may say German beer doesn’t give you a hangover, they lied.
  3. Go easy on fat and sugar: Being on holiday isn’t an excuse to binge and these often cause indigestion too.
  4. Avoid Spicy food: if you know your stomach can’t usually tolerate it, rather avoid it, you don’t want to ruin your trip with heartburn and frequent loo visits.
  5. Take a familiar go-to food with on your travels: FUTURELIFE® pre-portioned sachets are great here, not only can you just mix it with some bottled water and you’re good to go, they also pack in your bags easily.


No one goes on holiday with the hopes of spending hours in the gym but remember to take along running shoes and exercise clothing. A walk or run on the beach is a great way to spend some quality time with your partner.

Sightseeing by foot is a great way of making sure you don’t miss anything, it really gives you a different feel about a country when you on the streets as a pose to seeing it through a bus window.

Book an active holiday: climbing Table Mountain, snowboarding in Austria, cycling in Amsterdam, walking in New Zealand, surfing in Hawaii. There are so many options.

Take every opportunity to work off those kilojoules: dance the night away in a salsa bar, take on-foot shopping sprees in Dubai’s malls or even go kayaking down the river, and never forget to include small things such as using stairs where possible.


  • During the Festive season, South Africans are known for their protein rich meals in the forms of braais, potjies, turkey, pork etc. to the detriment of salads, fruit and vegetables.
    Try including a few side orders of salads and cold vegetables with your main meals
    • Substitute the pudding with fruit salad
  • Include fruits and frozen yoghurt throughout the day as a refreshing nutrient dense snack
  • Ensure you have a balanced breakfast (such as FUTURELIFE®), this will prevent you from overeating later and will help you choose healthier options around your other meals

Lastly, remember to disconnect from home and work- put those phones, tablets and laptops in the safe and keep them there. When planning your holiday keep in mind that it takes on average 4 days to unwind so it should preferably be longer than this.

The FUTURELIFE® range is ideal as a meal or snack for travelling this holiday. Visit our website at to get some downloadable eating plans and smoothie recipes to help maintain that summer body this holiday. Safe travels!