FitSlim 2019 winners: Free State and Northern Cape provincial winner, Aletta Kriel

What makes Run/Walk For Life and eatForLife’s annual FitSlim Challenge different from the many similar weight-loss initiatives that are being undertaken at any given time is its focus on changing the lifestyle of the people who decide to take up the challenge of improving their health.

With a focus on losing weight and on fitness – this combination is thanks to a tailored eating plan from eatForLife and Run/Walk For Life’s weekly fitness sessions – the FitSlim Challenge is geared towards making a real change in the lives of participants.

This year’s FitSlim Challenge, which took place from 2 September to 26 October, seems to have kick-started this metamorphosis of body and mind for many of the people who took part in it – and it shows: FitSlim 2019 had more than double the amount of participants that it had last year, with a combined total weight loss of 2,839 kilograms.

This is, ultimately, a challenge that promises great rewards to the winners, and in this regard we are grateful to the many sponsors that made this year’s FitSlim Challenge possible.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to this year’s regional winner in the Free State and Northern Cape, Aletta Kriel of the Kimberley RWFL branch. Aletta wins two night’s accommodation at the Sandstone Sleeper Estate, a pair of calf sleeves from Compressport, a R500 Takealot voucher, one month’s free RWFL and EFL membership, and a FloCup.

We had a chance to sit down with Aletta to discuss her journey towards better health during the FitSlim Challenge 2019.

What has always been your biggest challenge when it comes to managing your weight?

Weight has always been something in the back of my mind. I was aware of the inches, but just as much in denial as the next person who’s struggling. I love food – God has blessed us with so much variety – and that is where good choices must come in. I never knew when to eat what, and how much, and that was my biggest challenge to manage my weight.

How did the FitSlim Challenge help you to improve your weight and overall health?

With the eatForLife plan supplied by the FitSlim challenge, I could easily pack my lunch and snacks everywhere I went. With this, I had more fuel to burn every time I ran, and I surprised myself with every attendance and race I did.
Losing 8.4kg in less than eight weeks is a fantastic feeling. I feel energised, happier and less stressed.

How did you stay motivated throughout the challenge?

When starting this challenge, I was not really focused on the fact that I want to lose weight, or that it was a competition. I really wanted to become fit and feel better, but with every week’s weigh-in I got more motivated and wanted to succeed even more. This challenge is really a lifestyle change, and when you see those first few centimetres drop, you’ll be motivated automatically.
I must also give credit to Jenny Uys. She is just amazing, she motivates everyone and gives so much guidance and support during this journey.

Were you a Run/Walk For Life member before the challenge?

I have never been a member of Run/Walk for Life or any other club, but I am now. 😊

What do you like most about Run/Walk For Life?

Run/Walk for Life has most definitely changed my way of thinking, running, eating – it changed my life. This club is for young and old, walkers and runners, and they support each other.

Do you have any secrets or tips that you would like to share with people who are struggling with their weight?

Stop focusing on only the weight you either need, want or must lose, but start focusing on that feeling at the end: the feeling of accomplishment, being outside, making new friends and releasing that happy hormone that every single person deserves.

I can guarantee you, once you have felt that first happy hormone, you will be motivated, and your whole life will change. Take that first step – you will never regret it.