FitSlim 2019 winners: Mpumalanga provincial winner, Johan Loggenberg

This year’s FitSlim Challenge, which took place from 2 September to 26 October, seems to have kick-started a metamorphosis of body and mind for many of the people who took part in it – and it shows: FitSlim 2019 had more than double the amount of participants that it had last year, with a combined total weight loss of 2,839 kilograms.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to this year’s regional winner in Mpumalanga, Johan Loggenberg of the Middelburg RWFL branch. Johan wins dinner, bed and breakfast for two at Milly’s, 2 nights’ accommodation at Lomas Creek Country Cottages, four R250 Edition Sports vouchers, a makeover worth R1,800 at Salon Lamey Hair & Beauty, a photo shoot from Picture This Photography, calf sleeves from Compressport, 1 month free RWFL and EFL membership, a FloCup, and a nail hamper, set of nails and gel toes, paraffin manicure and pedicure or mediheel from Nail Systems International.

We had a chance to sit down with Johan to discuss his journey towards better health during the FitSlim Challenge 2019.

What has always been your biggest challenge when it comes to managing your weight?

In this hectic, busy life it is always a challenge to eat healthy and stay active. My biggest challenge was to set my mind on starting to eat healthier and control my cravings. This was the most difficult part on my journey to weight loss.

How did the FitSlim Challenge help you to improve your weight and overall health?

The FitSlim challenge helped me to eat right and taught me that exercise is not a burden, it is fun. The ‘healthy eating’ is awesome and you do not starve yourself.

My blood pressure and sugar levels went down and are more stable than ever now, thanks to this challenge.

How did you stay motivated throughout the challenge?

I had a lot of support from all RWFL Middelburg members. I was the only male between all the female FitSlimmers and there was a focus on me as an individual. Everybody kept on motivating me, and some of the ladies inspired me to work even harder. My wonderful wife stood by me throughout this challenge and kept me motivated and focused, especially through the horrible days. She did not take part in the challenge but did everything in the challenge with me from day one.

How do you plan on maintaining the progress that you’ve made?

This was not only a challenge for me, but it was a whole lifestyle change. I am going to keep on eating healthy and I am still going to exercise. When the challenge started, I could barely walk two rounds around the rugby field. After about six weeks in the challenge, I did my first 4.9-kilometre race (walking), and it took me just over an hour to complete. This was only the first 4.9km race of many more.

Do you have any special healthy go-to recipes, snacks or meals?

Eat lots of pineapple and drink a small glass of a ginger-lemon mixture in the morning.

Do you have any secrets or tips that you would like to share with people who are struggling with their weight?

If you commit to making lasting changes in several aspects of your life, not just isolated changes to diet and exercise, you will be more successful in losing weight and keeping it off. Change your life, and your body will follow.