6 things you might hear runners say

There’s no doubt about it – runners are a unique brand of Homo sapiens. They’re resilient and tough and have gained the patience and determination that can only be learnt through ceaseless commitment to exercise, and a constant routine.

Of course, you’d expect this special group to have a particularly special way of talking about their hobby – and if you’re a runner yourself, you’re likely to have caught yourself using one of these six phrases before.

1. “I can’t go. I have a race in the morning.”

Dear friends of runners, your running friends aren’t being anti-social. They are just focused on their goals and want to perform at their best all the time – even if it’s just on a practice run (but especially if it’s a race).

2. “Endorphins are my drug of choice.”

Unless you’ve ever experienced runner’s high, do not question this statement. And there are definitely worse drugs of choice!

3. “I’ll meet up with you after my run.”

Dear friends of runners, please see point 1. It’s not that you’re not important to them. You just won’t be able to deal with them if they don’t go for their run first.

4. “I can’t do the stairs today.”

Have you ever tried to scale two flights of stairs the day after completing a half marathon? Well, have you? For the love of all that is athletic, have some sympathy!

5. “My toenail fell off. Again.”

If you’re a runner, losing toenails literally comes with the territory.

6. “I have to go for my run – or else.”

Once the bug has bitten, running isn’t a chore anymore – it is a necessity. You’d do well to take heed of this warning, or be prepared to deal with grumpiness and annoyance on an astronomic scale. Just let them go for a run, for crying out loud!

What other phrases do you commonly hear or use? Tell us in the comments below.