Welcome back, Debbie!

“My life-changing journey with Run/Walk for Life Rand Park started on 29 April 2018, when I realised that what had been missing from my life was being active. I always used to be an active person. I was at a very low point in my life and realised I had to do something to turn the downward spiral I was in around. Little did I realise that not only was being active missing, but so was my connection to people.

I have since gone from an overweight, demotivated person, grumpy at having to start on the field, to a motivated person in every area of my life – I lost 15kgs, gained my self-worth and self-esteem back, and I am running my second 2 Oceans half marathon next year, and I am full of energy. Most importantly, I have my love of life and of people back – welcome back, Debbie!

The people I have met, the encouragement, friendship and camaraderie I have experienced at RWFL Rand Park has turned my life around 180 degrees and has been a huge part in me ending 2018 a VERY different person to the sad, lonely, miserable, dejected person who started 2018. Rene de Villiers, your care, love and support has been above and beyond anything I could’ve imagined, and the RWFL Rand Park members – thank you for accepting me, believing in me, and becoming family. You are ALL so very special and I know we will do great things in 2019. Thank you all, and may 2019 be everything you wish for.

For anyone even thinking about joining, my advice from first-hand experience: stop THINKING and take ACTION – it’ll change your life!

By Debbie Vernon Run/Walk For Life Rand Park